Qualcomm Releases Audio Playback Report For 2018

- Aug 03, 2018-

In recent years, Qualcomm has seen a new trend in audio consumption, from streaming media to voice user interfaces to audio (home and mobile). As a result, consumers are keeping audio technology at a higher standard, and these changing expectations are affecting how manufacturers develop devices. They focus on battery life, protection from wires, connections and superior sound quality, so listeners can enjoy a better audio experience.

To more intuitively observe the changing needs of consumers, Qualcomm Technologies International partnered with OnePoll to survey 6,000 adult smartphone users in the US, UK and China to learn about their listening habits, the status of wireless personal audio and their purchase drivers. Factors and release related reports. The report delves into the wireless headset and wireless speaker product categories to gain insight into user attitudes and expectations.



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