Pre-post Preparation For The Synchronization Recording

- Sep 25, 2018-

Synchronization recording during the same period is a relatively difficult recording method. It requires not only the actors to express their words, but also the emotional feelings. They also require the sound engineer to be prepared to prevent the re-recording of the recordings over and over again.

In the same period of recording, while using only one microphone, the microphone and camera lens are aligned in the same direction to the actors. The purpose of this is to ensure that the actor's movement relative to the camera lens is consistent with the movement of the microphone. Therefore, regardless of whether the actors are facing, sideways or facing away, the microphone pickup distance sense and the spatial sense and the visual sense of the screen are consistent.

Under normal circumstances, we set the microphone above the actor's head. This kind of pickup effect is good. The distance between the microphone and the sound source is close to the edge of the picture but it is not worn.

The sound engineer should also pay attention to the problem of matching the sound and picture, in the synchronization recording of the TV series. Recorders should pay close attention to the camera personnel to maintain close communication. Learn about the shooting intent of each unit. This will help you choose the best position for your microphone for the best recording experience.

In general, the recording crew should also take the machine for a drill. In particular, the microphone player should be asked to follow the microphone to see if there is a wearing condition through the monitor, so that the position of the microphone can be adjusted in time, and the problem of wearing the lap is actually avoided.

Generally speaking, close-range and mid-range pickups are better handled because the actors occupy most of the pictures, and the position of the microphones is better to find, but the perspective is more difficult to handle. In order to ensure the quality of the recording, you can select the wireless microphone to pick up the sound according to the situation.



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