On The Future Development Of Ceramic Capacitors

- Oct 26, 2018-

Ceramic capacitors are the largest category of capacitors in all types of capacitors. With the miniaturization of consumer electronics products, the proportion of the ceramic capacitor market in the overall size of the capacitor market has increased from less than 40% in 2006 to 50% in 2017, with a market size of US$10.7 billion, accounting for over 50%. Among them, ceramic capacitors can be divided into single-layer ceramic capacitors and multilayer ceramic capacitors. Because multilayer ceramic capacitors have the advantages of high voltage resistance, high temperature, small size, wide capacity range, etc., the application is wider than single-layer ceramic capacitors, occupying 93% of the market size of ceramic capacitors.

With the advent of the technological era, the steady development of the PC industry is the time to maximize the use of multilayer ceramic capacitors. Before 2013, the popularity of consumer electronics such as smartphones, the demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors increased rapidly. After 2013, consumer electronics has matured and demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors has eased. Data show that in 2016, the demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors for mobile phones, PCs and AV equipment accounted for 24%, 18% and 28% of the total demand, respectively, accounting for 70%.

In general, in the era of technology, while the maturity of electronic products, the demand for ceramic capacitors has stabilized overall, but in the next few years, ceramic capacitors still dominate.



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