Microphones That Listen To Specific Sounds Or Will Reshape Many Industries

- Apr 16, 2019-

The dying pig will give a unique voice. SwineTech CEO Matthew Rooda said in a telephone interview with VentureBeat that if you spend enough time with the pigs, you can tell the screams they are squeezing. According to data collected by the US National Pork Board from the US Department of Agriculture, about 6 million suckling pigs are crushed to death each year when they are turned over, so preventing such incidents can save billions of dollars a year on pig farms.

Rooda said: "I have been exposed to this industry before I went to college. We thought: If we can listen with our own ears, we can't invent a technology that can do the same thing. We collect a lot of data from the environment. Capture the sound of the pig's squeezing, record it and mark it, and we can develop an algorithm around the data through machine learning."

Once the microphone detects this unique sound, it uses the pulse and vibration of the chiropractic to get the sow to stand up.

Crowley believes that trained microphones that specifically monitor specific sounds may reshape many industries.

Environmental monitoring with a low-powered microphone can be used to detect termites or water in the basement, or to distinguish the sound of hail hitting the roof.



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