Microphone Preamplifier And Phantom Power

- Oct 17, 2018-

The preamplifier is an amplifier type that is included in the input section of many mixers and is an independent disposal device. The effect of preamplification is to gain the microphone level signal to a linear level signal. Most consoles use this signal. Preamplifier helps control signal levels and provides some isolation from external disturbances that can cause signal path noise. The preamplifier usually has an output or preamplifier trimmer to adjust the output level. If the preamplifier output is too high, you can add distortion, noise, and polish the sound. The preamplifier should be used when all devices in the recording chain are set to the most appropriate level and the signal level is still too low.

Moreover, most condenser microphones have built-in preamplifiers that require power to operate properly. This power source is called phantom power usually powered by an internal battery or mixer. The mixer is powered by the audio line (typically +48 VDC). In most microphone preamps and mixer inputs, there is an ON/OFF switch that determines if phantom power is being delivered and supplies the voltage required by the condenser microphone to provide a strong enough signal.



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