Microphone Microphone Tips

- Apr 19, 2018-

1. When the teacher wears a microphone, it should be noted that the best position is 5-10cm away from the sound source. If the distance is too close, distortion will occur. If it is too far, the microphone will contain other sounds, which will also affect the clarity of the sound.

2, to avoid the teaching microphone microphone facing the speaker, such as the microphone directly to the speaker, the sound system, the formation of a closed loop, will produce positive feedback oscillation (howling).

3. When using a hand-held microphone, it is best not to hold the microphone on the head of the microphone, which will seriously damage the frequency response, but also due to the accumulation effect of the palm, focusing, feedback and so on.

4. Do not clench the launch area of the teaching loudspeaker. The microphone is connected to the transmitter. When we hold it by hand, it will greatly attenuate the transmission power and affect the reception effect.