Manufacturers Are Beefing Up Their Smart Headphone Layout

- Aug 03, 2018-

As an important sounding device for electronic devices, earphones have good portability, privacy and sound insulation, and play an irreplaceable role in people's lives. As people's lives gradually enter the era of intelligence, smart phones, smart speakers, smart homes are developing rapidly, smart headphones are gradually entering people's lives, greatly expanding the functions and application scenarios of traditional headphones, while constantly challenging the market share of traditional headphones. The competitive landscape of the headset market has also undergone profound changes, and major smartphone manufacturers and traditional headset manufacturers have strengthened their presence in the smart headset market.

According to industry analysts, compared with other functional hardware products, headset products as rigid demand, consumers are willing to spend more to upgrade headset products.

Smart headsets are changing the competitive landscape of the traditional headset market. After the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack and introduced their solution: AirPods wireless headset. The release of AirPods led to the development of global smart headsets, which quickly occupied the market worldwide.



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