LG Launches Tone Platinum SE Bluetooth Headset: Real-time Translation

- Aug 22, 2018-

Before the annual IFA show, LG will warm up the new products that will be unveiled and showcase the highlights of the new products.

According to Android Police news, LG announced a neck-mounted wireless Bluetooth headset Tone Platinum SE, which will be unveiled at IFA.

The biggest highlight of the headset is the dedicated button with Google Assistant, press to use Google Assistant, and support Google is real-time translation, suitable for office business people.

LG has not yet released its specific information, but the headset uses a dual MEMS microphone and in-ear design.

In addition, LG will also introduce a TONE Ultra SE wireless headset, but there is no Google assistant, but external mono speakers, so you can play music and talk without headphones.



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