Japanese Audio Giant Pioneer Is In A Dilemma And Seeks Assistance From Other Companies

- Aug 13, 2018-

According to Nikkei Business News reported on August 10, Japan's well-known old audio equipment company Pioneer began to discuss the request for support, capital and business cooperation with Japanese auto parts company Calsonic Kansei. In recent years, Pioneer has successively withdrawn from the main business such as plasma TVs and audio equipment, and has been focusing its business resources on vehicle-mounted devices such as car navigation devices. However, due to the popularity of smartphones, it is difficult to make money easily.

Nowadays, Pioneer is forced to discuss the external support. In the past, it was one of the electronics giants and was loved by many consumers.

Pioneer's entrepreneurship can be traced back to 1938, the development of a high-quality speaker in Japan at that time, the establishment of the predecessor "Gospel Chamber of Commerce Motor Manufacturing Institute." The company's laser discs (LD), which record high-quality images and sounds, swept the karaoke room. However, laser discs for karaoke have slowed down due to the rise of communication video. Plasma TVs have also been eliminated due to LCD TVs. Home audio has a decline in presence due to the advent of portable music players.



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