Internet+ Breaks Down Barriers To Communication

- May 28, 2018-

With the rapid development of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and blockchain, network communication technologies have also emerged with numerous applications. Videoconferencing has become a regular cross-regional communication method due to its more intuitive, clearer and more convenient features.

The video conferencing system was mentioned a few years ago. The first thing people think of is the "tall" application scenario of government agencies and large enterprises. Of course, this is exactly the main force of the current video conference. However, in recent years, with the gradual popularization of domestic broadband in rural areas, the gradual advancement of 5G pilots, and the reduction in the cost of videoconferencing, the rural market that has been neglected has begun to require videoconferencing communications, and is increasingly strong. Polycom, a Southern Telecommunication and Video Conferencing Expert, said that recently government agencies, central enterprises, medical institutions and other users have gradually extended their videoconferencing systems to township offices or branches in the 4th and 5th rural markets. The usage habits of videoconferencing systems are gradually being formed.

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