How To Use KTV Microphone Correctly?

- Sep 28, 2018-

1. Do not hold two KTV microphones together

Since the handheld wireless microphone is two transmitters, it will generate harmonic pool dew. When the two wireless microphones are close together, the harmonics between them will modulate each other, causing interference, which seriously affects the transmission and reception and the sound quality.

2. Avoid KTV microphones directly facing the speakers

If the microphone is directly facing the speaker, in the case of the sound system, a closed loop is formed, which will generate positive feedback oscillation (howling), which must be avoided.

3. Hands should not be held on the net of the KTV microphone

This is because the received parts of all the microphones have a certain directivity. If the handle is held on the upper part of the net cover, the frequency response will be seriously damaged, and the focus, feedback, etc. will be generated due to the aggregation effect of the palm.

4. Hands do not hold the antenna of the KTV microphone

Generally, the handheld microphone has its transmitting circuit and antenna located at the lower part of the microphone (away from the end of the microphone). When we hold it by hand, it will greatly attenuate the transmission power and affect the receiving effect.

5. KTV microphone and mouth should not be too close

In use, the distance between the microphone and the mouth is generally kept at 5-10 cm. If it is too close, it will produce a near-talk effect, and the sound is too light, which will destroy the sound quality.



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