How To Solve The Microphone Noise

- Apr 19, 2018-

Microphone noise, the first boils down to the problem of music quality, some of the poor quality of the sound itself contains a harsh effect of noise, you can choose to cancel listening to this sound, and then choose to replace other music.

There may be a hardware failure, check whether the microphone is intact, if any foreign objects fall into it, and whether the edge of the paper has been peeled off or damaged. If this happens, you can repair the microphone or change the microphone.

It is also possible that the AC component in the circuit is too large. This time it is likely that the filter circuit of the speaker power supply has failed, especially the filter capacitor. There is a problem with the power supply, which may be due to the current caused by the power supply. This is a normal phenomenon.

If there is a problem with the connection between the microphone and the host computer, disconnect the microphone from the host computer and reconnect it correctly. Check for any poor contact. The microphone may be in a reinforced state. This problem can be solved by simply removing the microphone. Because some sound cards do not support it.

Check whether there are magnetic fields and substances with sound waves around you, such as mobile phones, fans and other equipment. Take away the electrical equipment with magnetic field to solve this problem.