How To Select A Proper Microphone?

- Sep 26, 2018-

1. The choice of popular song singing microphone

Microphones sung by popular songs should choose to hold close-talking dynamic low-sensitivity microphones. This is mainly because popular songs are characterized by deep emotions, so close-talking and close-range pickup should be used. This shortens the distance between the source of the song and the listener. From the perspective of listening psychology, there will be a sense of intimacy. Although the feelings are close, the singer's voice is often very dry, so the reverberation or echo processing must be done to make the sound full.

2. The choice of beautiful song singing microphone

When singing a beautiful song, you should use a condenser microphone with a wide frequency response range, which is mounted on a high microphone stand for long-distance pickup. Singing on the art stage, the distance between the microphone and the mouth is generally between 20-60cm. The reason why the condenser microphone is used for pickup is because the condenser microphone has a wide frequency response range, and its high frequency upper limit can reach 18-20 kHz.

3. The choice of national song singing microphone

The range of choices for national songs is relatively wide. Some songs are similar to the vocal style, and some songs are similar to the style of popular songs, so the choice of microphones varies. When performing national songs on the art stage, you should also use a condenser microphone for pickup.



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