How To Eliminate Noise Of Sound System?

- Sep 10, 2018-

1. Use a balance line. The balance line is more resistant to the environment and provides better fidelity when using longer cables. The balance line is a three-core cable, two of which are used to transmit signals and are wrapped by another shielded cable.

2. Speakers and computers use different power outlets. If the speaker and the computer and sound card use the same socket, it is sometimes easy to generate digital distortion noise.

3. Use a power adapter. A reliable power adapter not only eliminates some of the noise in the line, but also shields the high current pulses from the device.

4. Do not overload the amplifier. The volume of any device or software is too high, which will increase the noise floor and even be heard in the mix. Any audio device that can adjust the gain, when the knob is turned up to a certain level, will make the noise inside the device so large that it can be heard. Therefore, the output gain of the speakers and sound card should not be too high.

5. Don't overuse compression. Over-compression is also easy to make the bottom noise stand out. You can make the compression threshold higher, the compression ratio lower to make the noise less noticeable, and it will give your mix a larger dynamic range.

6. Exclusive method to find the equipment in question. If you can hear noise in the speakers, then remove one device and then one device to see which one is the noise. For example, you can pull the connection from the sound card and plug it into other playback devices to listen. If the noise is gone at this time, the problem is on the computer or sound card. Using the exclusion method makes it easier to find out where the problem is.



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