How To Debug The Conference Sound System?

- Sep 11, 2018-

1. Adjustment of the microphone

Microphones used simultaneously in the sound system should generally be in phase. The phase of all the microphones in the system must be corrected to be in phase before the project is delivered. When it is required to connect the individual microphones to the opposite phase due to special needs during use, the phase inversion switch on the mixer can be used or an inverted line can be inserted. The method of checking the phase of the microphone is very simple. If the two microphones are in phase, the volume will increase significantly when the two microphones point to the same source. If the two microphones are inverting, the two microphones are simultaneously reduced in volume. When adjusting, you can choose a microphone as the reference, compare all the microphones in the system, and classify the same phase into one class. The phase is different from the other class. The phase adjustment can be achieved by adjusting the phase of a small number of microphones, that is, by swapping the 2-pin and 3-pin wirings on the XLR connector.

2. Adjustment of room equalizer

The room equalizer is usually precisely adjusted with the help of a pink noise generator and a real-time spectrum analyzer. The room equalizer is mainly used to correct and compensate the room frequency characteristics. Therefore, during the commissioning, the environment of the hall and the actual listening environment should be ensured. In addition, the adjustment of the room equalizer sometimes needs to be combined with the adjustment of the speaker layout. The room equalizer compensates for the environmental frequency characteristics by changing the frequency characteristics of the signal. Changes in frequency characteristics inevitably lead to changes in phase characteristics, causing phase distortion. When the adjustment amount of the room equalizer is too large, especially in a certain non-wide frequency band, the balance effect must be achieved with a large adjustment amount. Although the frequency characteristics of the room are corrected, the phase distortion is caused. Relationships, the sense of hearing will become very poor; this situation will be more prominent for stereo systems. In the case of poor sound conditions, the adjustment of the room equalizer can sometimes only compromise between the frequency characteristics and the sense of hearing. The flat result of the strong frequency characteristics is sometimes self-defeating. The best way is to improve the acoustic properties of the room itself.



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