How To Choose A Home Use Microphone?

- Sep 26, 2018-

Two main choices for home microphones: dynamic microphones, condenser microphones.

Condenser microphones are basically better than dynamic microphones in terms of sound quality and sensitivity. Condenser microphones can record more harmonic elements and more details, so professional studios basically use condenser microphones for recording. However, if your environment is not good, such as the environment is noisy, the room has an echo, the use of condenser microphones will have the opposite effect, it is easy to record noise and echo, and this is a terrible thing. Therefore, if the environment is not good, the use of dynamic microphones is more suitable than condenser microphones, and even the headset electret is more suitable. In addition, the dynamic characteristics of the dynamic microphone are relatively obvious, which may be an advantage in some aspects, such as friendliness. Some people's voices are more resistant to recording with dynamic microphones. Perhaps the mid-range performance of dynamic microphones is quite unique.



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