How To Adjust The Pitch Of The Accompaniment Music?

- Sep 14, 2018-

The accompaniment music is played according to the tone of the original singer. It can't adapt to the noise conditions of each singer. For example, some original singers have higher vocal range, and some original singers sing lower pitches. Let the accompaniment music take care of the noise characteristics of each singer, the sound engineer and the tuner should have a sensitive auditory response to the singer's voice characteristics. When singing, first put the tone control in the middle position, since it does not improve, it does not fall. At the beginning of the song, if the singer gets up, it doesn't have to be adjusted. On the contrary, if the singer feels that the bass zone can't sing, or the treble zone can't keep up, the tone can be adjusted to the singer's adaptation according to the actual situation. Tuning is an artistically strong operation process. It requires the tuner to have a good sense of music and savvy. It is necessary to have a high level of musical cultivation, and to have a sensitive auditory response to the scene.



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