How Important Is The Reverberation In The Studio?

- Sep 26, 2018-

The studio is a dedicated room for recording or broadcasting systems such as radio, television, film, music and e-education. It is the most demanding type of building acoustics. Outside of the unnatural sound, many of the sounds we hear are recorded, and it is the first step in getting a good replay.

The design process of the studio is the same as the sound quality design of the hall. However, the reverberation time of the studio is slightly shorter than that of the hall, and the frequency characteristics are more stringent; in order to meet the needs of different programs, the reverberation time and frequency characteristics of the studio can be adjusted appropriately. The noise tolerance of the studio is extremely strict, and there are special requirements for the studio in terms of sound quality design and noise control. In general, the sound quality design of the studio includes the choice of volume and size ratio of the recording studio; the choice of reverberation time and its frequency characteristics; the selection and arrangement of sound absorbing materials and sound absorbing structures. The sound quality of the studio should be designed to meet the requirements of different programs and different performance scales.

The professional studios are reverberant, they have a lot of plate-like materials, and they can flexibly transform the room into various reverb characteristics. But with the rapid development of digital recording technology, the digital reverb effect can simulate the reverberation under real conditions, so the current small and medium-sized studios and personal studios are all made without reverberation.

Reverb usually determines the length of the reverberation and has a direct impact on the color and clarity of the sound. Under normal circumstances, when the bass is singing, the reverberation time can be shortened to improve the clarity of the sound; if it is a soprano, the reverberation time can be extended appropriately to increase the color of the sound. For the singing place, if the wall around the room is made of wood material, then the reverberation time should be reduced to avoid blurring the sound; otherwise, if the room is covered with sound-absorbing materials such as flannel curtains, such a room should Increase the reverb time by a bit to prevent the sound from drying up. In addition, the size of the audience and the audience also has a great impact, because the audience's clothing also has a great sound absorption.



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