How Does The Post-recording Purify Sound?

- Sep 25, 2018-

As we all know, post-recording can purify sound more than simultaneous recording, and eliminate noise in the sound, which is why many people prefer post-recording. So, in what way does the post-recording purify the sound?

In general, the sound engineer will use the blending adjustment method to purify the sound. Downmix adjustment is the process of processing the relationship, balance, position, and effect between all audio materials. The processing of the relationship between voice, sound, and music is completed at this stage. The evaluation criteria for the downmix process are balance and realism.

In the process of downmixing, the primary problem is to deal with the balance of voice and sound, music in volume and tone in combination with the picture. In this step, it is important to know the primary and secondary relationships between the various material elements. In any segment, there is a master-slave relationship between the sound materials. The material in the main position needs to be emphasized, and the material in the subordinate position needs to be appropriately diluted to clarify its role. In this process, the volume can be adjusted to adjust its distance, the master-slave relationship, and the tone can be modified by equalization to achieve the purpose of highlighting the main material.



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