Helping The Future, Listening To The New Trend Of Performing Arts

- Aug 06, 2018-

On July 25th, the launching ceremony of the 2018 First Performing Arts Sounding Trend Forum and Innovation Technology Exchange Conference and SE Beijing Performing Arts Business School was held in Beijing by the China Stage Art Society Audio Professional Committee and the SE Audiotechnik Asia Pacific Development Center. More than 300 dance experts, sound system engineers, live tuners and industry practitioners from all over the country gathered to listen to the experience sharing and industry outlook, new technologies, new achievements, and new trends brought by industry experts, teachers and first-line big shots.

Director Han Hongzhi of the China Academy of Stage Art Society gave a speech. He said that with the continuous development of the performing arts and technology industry and the continuous innovation of sound reinforcement technology, as the workers of the sound industry in the performing arts industry, whether from system design or on-site tuning or even front-line workers, they hope to make everyone's work through technological reform. It's easier and easier to really enjoy the joy of this job. Through this exchange meeting, we are committed to promoting the innovation and development of the domestic performing arts sound reinforcement industry!



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