Google Is About To Launch Its Own TWS True Wireless Headset

- Jul 12, 2018-

Last year, Google released Pixel Buds, a wireless Bluetooth headset with real-time translation capabilities. It is also an excellent Bluetooth headset that provides real-time translations for face-to-face communication.

Google is about to launch its own TWS true wireless headset. Although it will not be known what kind of naming, it is certain that it will support Bluetooth V5.0 and support the next generation of true wireless Bluetooth new technology TWS Plus.

TWS Plus (Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus) is a new generation of true wireless Bluetooth headset connection, developed by Qualcomm, the leader in the current wireless Bluetooth headset industry. Google is using Qualcomm's technology to introduce performance and performance. A true wireless Bluetooth headset with such a powerful function is bound to have a significant impact on the market. The TWS Plus technology allows simultaneous connection of mobile terminals and two earbuds, eliminating the need for wireless connectivity and synchronization between the two earbuds. Compared with the main and auxiliary headphones of the traditional TWS headset, the new technology can directly forward the audio signal to the left and right earphones directly on the mobile phone, which can avoid the disconnection and the sound quality of the primary and secondary headphones during synchronization. Not only that, this connection can also reduce power consumption by about 10%, and usually provides about 1 hour of earphone extra use time.

Google’s TWS True Wireless Headset will feature a low-power, high-performance multi-core processor that delivers high-quality wireless audio while supporting voice-assisted service and integrated active noise reduction.

At the same time, this headset will be equipped with a motion sensor; with the mobile phone APP can achieve a lot of motion detection. The most worthwhile thing is that as the publisher of Android system, Google's TWS true wireless headset is expected to be optimized and adapted from the system, which can achieve a more visual and convenient quick pairing and connection.

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