Google Assistant And Google Home Won't Work Properly If You Completely Disable Google's Location Tracking

- Aug 17, 2018-

If you have a Google Home or use Google Assistant and don't want your location to be tracked and saved, it seems you'll have to choose between the convenience of a virtual assistant and the comfort of privacy.

Google recently made headlines when the Associated Press reported that even if users have the 'location history' feature turned off, your location can still be tracked and saved. Not long after, some solutions popped up that allowed users to completely block Google from collecting and saving their location data.

However, once these steps are completed, Google Assistant and Google Home devices (which rely on Google Assistant) will, for the most part, no longer work, as they require the 'web and app activity' setting to be switched on. This setting allows Google to save activity from websites you visit and apps you use, and as it was just revealed, allows Google to track and save your location.

If you choose to keep 'web and app activity' disabled and continue to use Google Assistant, you'll only be able to complete very basic tasks, like asking what the weather is or seeing web results.

If you try to do anything involving calendars, reminders, or any other tasks, Assistant will prompt you to enable the 'web and app activity' setting, and won't complete the request. This effectively means you have to choose between your Google Assistant and Home ecosystem working beyond the most basic tasks, or knowing that your location data isn't being tracked and saved.



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