Earphone Overhaul Methods And Procedures

- Apr 19, 2018-

The headset is the integration of the headset and the microphone. In fact, the headset is integrated with the microphone.

1, first check whether the headset is inserted wrong or there is no bad contact with the wire is not inserted wrong, check the headset to see if it is damaged

2, win7 system processing methods: open the "Control Panel" in the "sound" click "record", we see the recording device is closed, right-click "microphone", select "enable".

3, XP system processing method: Open "Control Panel" in the "sound and audio equipment." Select “Testing Hardware” in “Language” and click “Next”. Then follow the prompts and speak into the headset. You will see the green light of the recording indicator. After the test is completed, the hardware is normal and can be used normally.