Consumer Demand For Audio Products Has Increased

- Aug 07, 2018-

Qualcomm Incorporated's subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. today released its "2018 State of Play" report at its Internet of Things Industry Analyst Communications Conference. The report surveyed 6,000 consumers from China, the United Kingdom, and the United States to analyze the many factors driving purchase behavior and to better understand consumer attitudes and real behaviors about audio technology.

Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager of the voice and music business at Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., said "Some of the results of this survey surprised us. We know that truly wireless devices are becoming popular among consumers, and consumption the trend toward true wireless headsets is particularly evident in China, where more than 80% of Chinese consumers say they are willing to buy wireless earbuds, compared with more than half of respondents in the US expressing the same willingness. We are very excited about that a truly completely wireless experience is rapid popularity of these consumers. Another important finding of the survey is that many consumers have begun to use smart speakers and voice interaction. This product category is rapidly evolving, and end-user expectations are also positive with the change. Today people want to bring smart speakers to the outdoors or move around in the home, they also expect a natural instant voice response. This means that the next generation of products needs to adapt to multiple environments, support multiple connection modes, support Terminal side and cloud artificial intelligence, both at the same time Excellent battery capacity and endurance for easier portability."

The audio industry is at an exciting moment of change. The overall audio ecosystem's expectations for sound quality are significantly enhanced – including lower-priced headsets and headsets delivered when the phone is purchased. Many manufacturers are racing to explore new possibilities with features that include a truly wireless experience, natural voice assistants, ultra-low power consumption, and integrated active noise reduction; not to mention a variety of new Use cases, such as artificial intelligence-based in-ear fitness guidance applications. Murray added "Fortunately, we are developing a number of innovative products and platforms to help our customers deliver these features."



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