China Promulgates Second-generation National Standards For Digital Audio Coding

- Jun 14, 2018-

China's second-generation digital audio coding standard (AVS2 audio standard) was recently promulgated as a national standard by the State Administration of Market Supervision and the National Standardization Administration and will be formally implemented on January 1, 2019. AVS Standard Working Group Leader and Academician Gao Wen of Peking University stated that the AVS2 standard is ahead of the latest international standards in high-definition audio and video coding, and will enable China's autonomous audio and video standards to “fly” and make China's audio and video technology and industry enter the industry. "Ultra-high-definition" and "super-efficient" "double-super era" support the healthy development of China's ultra-high-definition television, high-definition video surveillance and other industries from the source of technology.

"In June 2002, in order to meet our country's needs in the information industry, the former Ministry of Information Industry approved the establishment of the AVS Working Group and began to independently develop audio and video encoding and decoding standards." Huang Tiejun, secretary general of the AVS Standards Working Group, said: During the development of the AVS2 audio standard, 93 proposals were received. All proposals must be rigorously tested and cross-validated by third parties on the reference software platform maintained by the working group. With the completion of the standard formulation and the formal promulgation, it will eventually be opened in the form of open source code, as the basic platform for the development of AVS2 products by the entire society.

"The AVS2 audio standard will be used in conjunction with AVS2 video and will be used in panoramic sound films, ultra-high definition television, Internet broadband audio and video services, digital audio and video broadcasting, wireless broadband multimedia communications, virtual reality, augmented reality and video surveillance." AVS Audio Group Team leader Dou Weipei introduced that the AVS2 audio standard involves a total of 27 invention patents, covering all the key technologies involved in the AVS2 audio coding framework, including the core technologies of general audio coding, lossless audio coding and 3D audio object coding.

Zhang Weimin, secretary-general of the AVS Industry Alliance, stated that the promulgation of AVS2 national standards will become an important opportunity for China's audio and video industry to leapfrog development. China's panoramic audio-on-demand theaters and home theaters using AVS2 audio mid- and low-rate technologies will also enter the market in 2018. At present, AVS2 audio has been adopted by more and more general-purpose DSPs, TV chips, set-top box chips and mobile phone chips, providing a good foundation for the industrialization of AVS2 audio.



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