Bluetooth Technology For Audio Transmission Applications

- Jun 12, 2018-

No one wants to deal with all kinds of data interfaces and data lines all day long. Because nobody wants to be tied up, Bluetooth is such a transmission method that uses the most practical technology to improve people's user experience.

Bluetooth audio applications have entered every household. For 20 years, products developed by the Bluetooth community have been promoting innovation, creating a wireless audio market and entertainment market. In the beginning, people used Bluetooth to complete the audio transmission between a single Bluetooth headset device and a mobile phone; later, with A2DP, Bluetooth music came into sight, and Bluetooth thus entered the car. People can use Bluetooth technology at the same time. Bluetooth headset device communication and A2DP; and later, Bluetooth into the living room of millions of households, has become an essential technology for home audio entertainment experience.

These are people talking about using a Bluetooth product experience. When people find that the two products they want to connect to support Bluetooth, they will no longer care whether these devices are iOS or Android. This kind of interoperability experience comes from a brand-new and integrated Bluetooth wireless ecosystem. This wireless ecosystem has a higher degree of user-friendliness, greater availability, and makes wireless audio more readily available for wider use. All in all, Bluetooth creates a user experience that exceeds the combined experience of individual product usage.

Bluetooth audio applications extend to the commercial, transportation market. Not only that, Bluetooth applications have also spread throughout the society: In the enterprise-class field, the superior communication experience such as the application of communication on the aircraft and the "soft phone" running on the computer side is inseparable from the support of Bluetooth; in the consumer-level field, in addition to the Bluetooth headset Devices, as well as the audio-driven artificial intelligence applications - smart speakers and voice assistants (such as Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant), etc.; not only consumers, but also need to wear hearing aids or other traditional medical equipment needs of people Bluetooth, Imagine how a hearing aid device that can answer the phone and listen to stereo music will change the lives of hearing impaired people.

No wonder some people say that Bluetooth is essential because it is irreplaceable! It is the closest technology to us. It is a ubiquitous technology around us.



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