Application Of Wireless Microphone For Simultaneous Recording

- Sep 26, 2018-

With the development of science and technology, people's appreciation of film art has also increased. Many high-quality film and television dramas use live simultaneous recording, instead of using the method of late dubbing. However, the simultaneous recording gave the sound engineer a problem - the microphone problem.

For a long time, the sound engineer will first consider the boom microphone, because it can appear above the performance area to collect the ambient sound of the scene. Moreover, the microphone is wired and the sound is very convenient to control. Wireless microphones have a lot of uncertainty. For example, the sound source is too far from the receiver, the sensitivity is not enough, and so on. In addition, the head of the wireless microphone is often hidden inside the performer's outer garment, causing the received sound to be too stuffy and not very effective.

However, when the TV series was filmed, the shooting progress was very fast, the lens was more flexible, and the number of times the actors tried to play the position was also more. The use of the boom microphone made the microphone player overwhelmed. After years of practice, the use of a combination of a boom and a wireless microphone is more realistic. That is to say, each actor with a line is equipped with a wireless microphone, and the microphone is given a boom as a directional microphone for controlling the space environment.

The following points should be noted when using the boom and wireless microphone recording method.

1. Pay attention to the receiver to be placed at a relatively high position to avoid being blocked, to ensure the maximum intensity of the received signal, and to extend the receiving distance.

2. The configuration distance of the wireless microphone should be close to the sound source of about 20 centimeters, that is, placed in front of the actor's chest, the direction is upward, so the actor's dialogue technology quality is stable.

3. It is best to choose medium and high-end wireless microphones to receive radio, because the technical indicators of this microphone is quite close to the recording language compared with the strong pointing microphone of the same brand.



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