Application Of Voiceprint Recognition In The Audio Monitoring Market

- Jul 09, 2018-

Voiceprint recognition is a kind of biometric technology. It is a technology that automatically recognizes the identity of a speaker based on the speech parameters that reflect the physiological and behavioral characteristics of the speaker. Different from speech recognition, voiceprint recognition utilizes speaker information in a speech signal, regardless of the meaning of the words in the speech, which emphasizes the personality of the speaker, and the purpose of speech recognition is to recognize the speech signal. The verbal content does not consider who the speaker is, and it emphasizes commonality.

After years of development, audio monitoring has been able to judge the emotions of the speaker and the environment in which it is located through the recognition of sound. In the audio monitoring process, voiceprint recognition provides important technical support. At present, the world market share of voiceprint recognition is 15.8%, second only to the biometric identification of fingerprints and palm prints, and there is a rising trend.



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