Apple Is Researching A New Generation Of Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

- Jul 11, 2018-

According to sources from Bloomberg, Apple is developing a new generation of AirPod: a new waterproof, noise-reducing Bluetooth wireless headset that may be more expensive.

According to informed sources, Apple is currently testing the waterproof performance of the new generation AirPod. Although the rumors of waterproof air cushions may not reach the level of wearing swimming, at the very least, compared with the current style, it will be able to prevent the erosion of sweat and rain.

In addition, inside information revealed that Apple will also add biosensors to the next generation of AirPod to promote the company's health tracking service. In addition, the new AirPod will be equipped with a new charging device that is compatible with Apple's new wireless charging pad.

For now, AirPods is priced at $159 in the United States. According to Apple's consistent pricing model, the rumored new generation of AirPods may be more expensive. For example, when the company promoted the iPhone, it adopted a model that introduced more expensive high-end models and low-end models like the iPhone SE.

It is reported that Apple is also actively involved in the headset industry; the production of headsets will use the Apple brand, and will be among the top high-end headset manufacturers such as Boze and Sennheiser. Apple is currently selling headsets through Beats. Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion in 2014.



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