2019 Technology Foresight Headphones

- Feb 01, 2019-

1. "TWS" will become the mainstream of headphones.

The full name of TWS is "True Wireless Stereo", which is true wireless stereo. At first, the release of Apple AirPods as a tipping point, which led to the "wireless boom" of headphones. As the 3.5mm headphone jack on the phone is removed, it is inevitable that the headphone will remove the line.

In 2019, with the continuous updating of wireless technology, we may see that true wireless headphones are more popular and even become mainstream. But if you want to gain a foothold in this market, you can't do it by pressing down the price. Really do a good job of headphones, continuous connection, low delay, good sound quality is the focus of true wireless headphones.


2. The era of wireless headset Bluetooth 5.0 may come comprehensively.

What if there is a technical term that is most concerned about in 2018? One of them must be "5G". In 2019, we will usher in the 5G era, and mobile Internet, AI, smart home and many other fields will usher in a new round of changes.

In the field of headphones, we are about to usher in the Bluetooth 5.0 era. Under the prevailing environment of wireless headsets, it is especially important to fully utilize the energy of small batteries and control the equipment to receive stable audio signals in the narrow Bluetooth headset cavity. The upgrade of Bluetooth 5.0 technology solves these two problems.

Compared with the Bluetooth 4.X era, wireless headsets with Bluetooth 5.0 technology will have a comprehensive improvement in terms of transmission bandwidth, transmission distance, link stability, and power consumption. More importantly, Bluetooth 5.0 has reached a lossless level in audio data transmission, and the sound quality has finally improved dramatically.



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