Working Principle and Features of Condenser Microphone

- Sep 20, 2018-

The condenser microphone is actually a capacitor, which uses a very thin gold-plated film as a movable electrode of the capacitor, and a fixed electrode is arranged in parallel with a few tenths of a millimeter, which forms a capacitor. The movable electrode follows the acoustic vibration to produce a change in the capacitance of the capacitor, forming an electrical signal, which is processed and output through a "preamplifier circuit" inside the condenser microphone. This "preamplifier circuit" requires "phantom power" to supply power. Capacitor microphones have high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, wide frequency response and flatness, excellent transient response and stability, and extremely low mechanical vibration sensitivity and good sound quality. However, the manufacturing process of the condenser microphone is complicated and the cost is high. Therefore, it is generally used in professional occasions or where the frequency response range is high. Condenser microphones are preferred if you need richer sound quality details or for popular genres. It should be noted that condenser microphones are sensitive to noise and cannot be used by hand or mobile. At the same time, try to keep the environment relatively quiet.



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