Why do You Have Headphones with Your Recording?

- Aug 07, 2018-

First of all, the recording is to ensure that the dry sound you recorded is absolutely pure. The recording room will try to decorate the special walls and floors to eliminate the reverberation and improve the purity of the sound. Under such conditions, the singer can only use the closed headphones with good sound insulation to listen to the accompaniment.

Secondly, the sound inside the headphones is not only the accompaniment music, but also your own real-time sound, and this sound is usually added to the rough processing. Because people's normal environment will have a certain reverberation, if there is no reverberation sound, the person himself will not accept it, which is not conducive to the singer's play. So the headphones are usually accompaniment + your own wet sound (processed sound). However, please note that the recording is a dry sound, and the singer's own voice is a real-time wet sound, which is not recorded. After the recording is completely over, the sound engineer will carefully process the recorded sound.

Finally, the recording requires pure sound, so the studio is well-sounded, and the singer communicates with the recording teacher in the monitor room through the headphones and microphone.



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