Why Do Wireless Microphones Frequency Break?

- Sep 11, 2018-

Frequency breaking is a problem often encountered in the work of wireless microphones. Simply speaking, the phenomenon that the wireless microphone and the receiver lose connection is called frequency breaking.

The frequency breaking phenomenon is a comprehensive representation. Any problem with the wireless microphone and the receiver may cause a frequency cut-off. Therefore, it cannot be said that the frequency breaking must be caused by interference.

Interference makes frequency broken and the receiver receives interference, which makes it impossible to receive the microphone signal normally. Therefore, the frequency can be judged by turning off the wireless microphone to check the receiver's RF signal indication. If there is interference, the signal indicator lights up.

The distance makes frequency broken and the wireless microphone exceeds the range of the receiver's received signal, causing a frequency cut. This frequency cut can be eliminated by controlling the range of wireless microphone use.

The installation error makes frequency broken. This kind of frequency cut is often used in actual use, and the use distance is obviously smaller than the conventional use distance. It is common to use the wrong installation cabinet, or install the equipment in the wrong place. It should be noted that the antenna of the receiver should be completely exposed, and the two antennas are at a V-shaped angle. The entire receiver antenna should be avoided as much as possible between the crowd and the microphone.



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