Why Are Wireless Loudspeakers Using Infrared Audio Technology?

- Jul 13, 2018-

Infrared audio technology is the best solution for classroom application technology. The anti-jamming intensity of the sound between the classrooms in the school building is a matter of great concern. Infrared signals, unlike traditional electromagnetic waves, do not interfere with adjacent rooms through walls. Therefore, when it is applied to the classroom, the sound fields that are not interfered with each other make it possible to maintain a relatively independent and unaffected environment between adjacent classrooms.

Infrared does not pose any potential threat or damage to human health. It is a truly green product. If the teacher wears an infrared wireless microphone on his chest, no matter which classroom he walks into during the day, as long as the classroom is equipped with an infrared receiver, the wireless microphone on his chest can be easily used, thus eliminating the use of ordinary electromagnetic waves. The trouble of re-commissioning the wireless microphone into different classrooms, the interference of background noise can also be solved. The application of modern infrared technology in the classroom makes teachers no longer worry about the debugging of electromagnetic wave products, no longer screaming for the harsh whistling, so that they are really devoted to the teaching of light and pleasant.



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