Which Factors Can Mostly Affect Sound Effect?

- Oct 11, 2018-

1. Signal Source

We know that the function of the amplifier is to output the weak level source amplifier to the speaker, and then the frequency of the speaker unit in the speaker vibrates to produce various frequencies, that is, the high, medium and low frequencies we hear. The signal source has noise (distortion) or some signal components are lost after compression. After the power amplifier is amplified, these noises will be amplified larger, and the missing components will not be released. Therefore, the sound source used in our evaluation of the sound is used. Good is also very important.

2. Use Environment

Everyone knows that the echo is especially loud when talking in an empty room. This is because the room has no sound-absorbing materials on six sides or insufficient sound absorption. The sound is also the same. If the environment is not good, the sound will not be good, especially if the sound is slightly louder, it will be very turbid and harsh. Of course, the home can't be like a professional audition room. In fact, as long as the next thought, the area is larger. The wall is hung with an embroidered picture that looks good and absorbs sound, such as hanging a thick cotton curtain on the glass window, or laying a carpet on the ground. The effect will be unexpected.



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