What to Pay Attention to When Choosing A Recording Microphone?

- Sep 21, 2018-

When choosing a microphone, pay attention to the off-axis staining phenomenon and the near-talk effect of the microphone sound. The so-called dyeing phenomenon means that during recording, for a variety of reasons, a certain frequency band of the sound has been excessively strengthened, which has a great relationship with the recording environment, especially in a small room without strong sound absorption processing. In addition to the environment, it has a certain relationship with the device itself.

Pay attention to the phase of the microphone. Generally, in a personal studio, we only use one microphone to record, but when using multiple microphones, we must consider the phase between the microphones because the inverted sound signal will produce an offset.

Try to use a microphone to record. Multi-microphone recording is inevitable for recordings such as bands. However, for a typical personal studio, a microphone is enough. Moreover, now we only need to do sound and sound insulation in the studio, as long as the perfect sound is recorded into the computer, everything else can be given by the computer.



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