What's the Difference Between Tone Timbre and Loudness?

- Sep 10, 2018-

(1) Tone: The feeling of the human ear on the sound level is called the tone. The tone is mainly related to the frequency of the sound wave. When the frequency of the sound wave is high, the tone is also high.

The number of times an object vibrates in 1 second is called the frequency. The faster the object vibrates, the higher the frequency. Therefore, the tone is related to the frequency of the sound body vibration. The higher the frequency, the higher the tone is; the lower the frequency, the lower the tone. The bass singer can be as low as 65 times per second, while the soprano singer can be as high as 1,180 times per second.

(2) Loudness: The subjective feeling of the human ear to the sound strength is called loudness. The loudness is related to the amplitude of the acoustic vibration. In general, the louder the amplitude of the sound wave, the louder it is.

The maximum distance that an object deviates from its original position when it vibrates is called the amplitude. Experiments have shown that the greater the amplitude of the tuning forks and rubber bands, the greater the sound people hear. Therefore, the size of the sound that the human ear feels - the loudness, is related to the amplitude of the sound body. The louder the amplitude, the louder the loudness is; the smaller the amplitude, the smaller the loudness. Loudness is also related to the distance from the sound body. The sound is transmitted from the sounding body in all directions, and the more dispersed it is, the farther away from the sounding body, the smaller the sound heard. If you can find ways to reduce the dispersion of the sound, you can make the sound louder.

(3) Timbre: Timbre is the characteristic that people distinguish between two sounds with the same loudness and the same tone, or the comprehensive response of the human ear to sound waves of various frequencies and various intensities. The timbre is related to the vibration waveform of the sound wave, or to the spectral structure of the sound.

The sounds of piano, guitar, flute and other instruments, even if the tone and loudness are the same, we can distinguish them. In addition to the two characteristics of tone and loudness, there is another feature; this third feature is called timbre, we are able to distinguish the sounds of different instruments because of their different timbres.



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