What Qualities Should Audio Technicians Have?

- Jul 25, 2018-

1. Deeply grasp the basic knowledge of applied acoustics, human auditory characteristics, electroacoustic technology and music art.

2. Proficiency in the basic principles and operation methods of electroacoustic equipment and equipment.

3. The sound characteristics of various sound sources should be well-known and closely related to the auditory characteristics of the human ear.

4. Has a keen sense of hearing ability and ability to distinguish sound quality. The hearing here includes two aspects: (1) the hearing of the human ear itself depends on the physical condition. If it is a hearing impaired person, it is not suitable for audio work; (2) the ability to distinguish the sound quality, which depends on continuous training to gradually improve.

5. Have a high level of literary accomplishment, especially music cultivation.

6. Audio workers should be familiar with the system knowledge of multimedia technology, especially the basic composition of computer multimedia and its peripheral configuration; should be familiar with the operation of commonly used software.



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