What Makes A Wireless Microphone Work Best?

- Sep 18, 2018-

In order to achieve the best effect of the wireless microphone, the relationship between the transmitter output level gain, the receiver output gain and the mixer input gain must be handled. If improperly handled, sound suppression and no penetration may occur. Or the sound is distorted and even overly aggressive.

The correct method of operation is to connect the wireless microphone to receive power from the receiver and the audio system, and set the audio system level (0dB or +4dB), then turn the amplifier to the maximum output, and set the main output volume 0dB of the mixer at the same time, turn on the wireless microphone transmitter power, then set the audio output gain of the wireless microphone transmitter to 70%~75%, and set the channel potentiometer of the wireless microphone input channel on the mixer to 0dB; finally Carefully adjust the mixer input gain, and if necessary, adjust the transmitter audio output gain to a small extent until the microphone is satisfactory.



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