What Is Wired Data Broadcasting?

- Jul 31, 2018-

Wired data broadcasting is to use digital signals to load digital signals, and to transmit digital information from one point to multiple points. It is based on the market foundation of the cable TV network, the public, to play the advantages of broadband, high-speed broadband and high-speed broadband access. To transmit and provide cheap, convenient and rich multimedia information to the majority of cable TV subscribers.

As the name implies, data broadcasting broadcasts various kinds of information in the form of data to various users through various transmission media. Data broadcasts can take many forms, either one-time broadcasts or periodic broadcasts; they can be broadcasts for multiple users (point-to-multipoint) or broadcasts for individual users. (peer to peer). The use of cable television networks as transmission media provides services for cable TV users including distance education, Internet website broadcasting, financial and securities information, comprehensive information, electronic newspaper subscriptions, high-speed on-demand downloads and Internet tours.



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