What Is Wave Field Synthesis Technology?

- Aug 23, 2018-

At present, the traditional channel-based playback technology has excellent performance in the sound color and dynamic restoration of the sound, but the positioning problem of the sound image in the 360° space is difficult to achieve perfect effect of sound image localization and precise reduction due to the limitation of the playback system. However, the emergence of WFS wave field synthesis technology can raise the position of sound to a very precise state, thus solving this critical problem. The sound system composed of "4D Sound" technology is based on the principle of wave field synthesis technology, which not only overcomes this problem, but also brings people revolutionary, real nature, as if "tentacles" The ultimate holographic listening experience.

Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) is a new sound playback technology. The distribution of sound waves in space is called the wave field. The wave field synthesis uses a speaker array, and the wave field at any time can be synthesized by the WFS 3D algorithm. That is to say, the sound field is played back by wave field synthesis, and the distribution of the entire sound field is accurately and realistically synthesized, which is different from the virtual sound image in the psychoacoustic category. This concept was first publicly presented in 1988 by Professor A.J. Berkhout, the acoustic and seismological authority of Delft University of Technology (T.U.D.), and his team.



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