What Is Ultrasonic Loudspeaker?

- Sep 07, 2018-

The so-called ultrasonic speaker, which does not use any conventional form of speaker unit, uses an ultrasonic generator to generate two specially processed ultrasonic beams, which can interact due to the interaction of the two beams simultaneously on the eardrum of the human ear to produce hearing.

If only one beam is applied to the tympanic membrane, no sound is heard. Since the ultrasonic velocity has a strong and controllable directivity, the intersection of the two beams can form a small sound-reducing area and the sound can be heard when the human ear is in this area, and the human ear can leave. The area will not be heard. With this feature, some of today's top luxury cars are equipped with multiple sets of such ultrasonic sound reproduction systems, forming a listening area in each seat, so that each passenger can choose their favorite content, but not each other. Any interference, but also does not affect the conversation between passengers, truly reflects the connotation of top luxury.



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