What Is TTS Technology?

- Jul 31, 2018-

The full name of TTS is Text To Speech, which is “from text to speech”. It is an outstanding work of both linguistics and psychology. With the support of built-in chips, the text is intelligently transformed into a natural voice stream through the design of neural networks.

TTS technology converts text files in real time, and the conversion time can be calculated in seconds. Under the action of its unique intelligent voice controller, the voice of the text output is smooth, which makes the listener feel natural when listening to information, without the indifference and sensation of machine voice output. TTS speech synthesis technology will soon cover the national standard one or two Chinese characters, with English interface, automatic recognition of Chinese and English, support for Chinese and English mixed reading. All voices use Mandarin Mandarin as the standard pronunciation, achieving fast speech synthesis of 120-150 Chinese characters per second, and reading speeds of 3-4 Chinese characters per second, allowing users to hear clear and pleasant sound quality and coherent and smooth tone.



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