What Is Touch-up Function Of EQ?

- Jun 20, 2018-

In terms of the beautification and decoration of vocals, the timbre can be frequency-processed through the four-band equalizer in the input channel above the mixer to improve the artistic expression of the timbre. The human ear's distinguishable sound frequency is about 20Hz-20KHz, so the four-band equalizer in the mixing console divides it into four frequency bands. According to the information of the Berlin Institute of Music in Germany, they are:

HF (high frequency): 6KHz-16KHz, affecting the performance and resolving power of the tone.

MID HF (medium/high frequency): 600Hz-6KHz, affecting the brightness and clarity of the sound.

MID LF (medium/low frequency): 200Hz-600Hz, affect tone and strength and firmness.

LF (low frequency): 20Hz-200Hz, affect the mixing thickness and fullness of the timbre.



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