What Is Thyristor Dimming Interference?

- Aug 27, 2018-

The thyristor dimming interference is the interference caused by the lighting system using the thyristor device for dimming control, which is reflected in the sound system after the power is turned on. When the height of the light is adjusted to half, the noise of the sound system is the maximum, and the light is turned off. After the system is powered up, the noise disappears. The main reason is that when the thyristor device controls the AC, it changes its conduction angle and causes signal distortion, which generates a large amount of high-frequency harmonic components. These high-frequency harmonic components are transmitted to the sound through electromagnetic radiation and power supply lines. In the system, interference will occur and interference will occur. There are three solutions: one is to do sound system signal shielding to prevent electromagnetic radiation interference; the second is that the sound system and lighting system are separately powered, do not use the same AC power; the third is that audio equipment and lines must be away from lighting equipment and lines, so as to avoid induction interference.



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