What Is THX Standard?

- Aug 21, 2018-

THX is a certification standard for movies, movie playback equipment, movie playback environments, etc., developed by Lucasfilm. It is mainly designed for the quality assurance of theaters, home theaters, and multimedia products. The ultimate goal of THX is to provide a consistent experience across all THX-certified systems. For example, a movie, whether it is a Blu-ray disc or a film, can achieve a consistent picture and sound experience in a film studio, a movie theater, or a home theater. The contrast, color, and loudness of the picture, High consistency is achieved over the frequency range. The THX standard is different from the international standard. Most standards have a tolerance range, but THX does not have a tolerance. There is only one minimum requirement that must be exceeded to qualify. THX is not only the certification of equipment, but also the requirements for environmental noise and indoor spatial frequency response. The latest THX preamps can automatically make sound and frequency response compensation for different rooms.



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