What Is the Working Principle of Wireless Karaoke Microphones?

- Dec 04, 2018-

The head of a wireless karaoke microphone converts an acoustic signal into an electrical signal, the electrical signal is frequency modulated on a carrier, and the frequency modulated carrier radio signal is transmitted by the antenna. After the radio signal is received by the FM receiver, the sound signal is restored and sent to the karaoke machine. The transmission frequency of wireless karaoke microphones used in homes is mostly in the range of 88 to 108 MHz, and it is intended to use a radio cassette with a frequency modulation band as a receiving device of a wireless karaoke microphone to save money. The power of the transmitter is not large, about 100mW, so as not to interfere with other electrical equipment. Professional wireless karaoke microphones work in the high-end frequency band (150~216MHz) or ultra-high frequency band (400~470MHz, 900~950MHz) in the ultra-high frequency band, with a dedicated FM receiver. The wireless karaoke microphones adopt the frequency modulation system because the frequency modulation has the advantages of strong anti-interference, wide frequency characteristics, high fidelity, low noise, and high transmitter efficiency.

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