What Is the Working Principle of the Sound Pickup?

- Nov 08, 2018-

A sound pickup is a commonly used component for collecting sound in audio equipment. Since the sound pickup can collect the sound in real time on the spot, it is like real-time monitoring of the sound source, so in life, it is often used by us. It is called a monitor pickup.

The composition of the sound pickup is simple; it consists of a simple microphone and an audio amplifier. The microphone here mainly plays the role of collecting sounds, and the audio amplifying device mainly restores the audio of the sound to the original sound or the state close to the original sound. With the cooperation of the microphone and the audio amplifying device, the sound pickup can work normally and collect sound.

A sound pickup can be said to be an amplifier, an amplifier that acts on the audio. It can amplify the sound collection and can play a role in eliminating noise. The reason why the sound pickup works, its main function is on the simple and efficient frequency selection network installed inside the pickup. This frequency selection network is often called RLC frequency selection network. Since the performance of the RLC frequency selective network inside the sound pickup has a high score, the performance of the sound pickup has its advantages and disadvantages. The higher the performance of the sound pickup is, the better the quality of its internal RLC frequency selective network. The frequency selective network can selectively filter the sounds of different frequencies, pick out and preserve the sounds people need to collect, and save the frequency of the sounds that need to be collected. The frequencies of other sounds are different from the frequencies that need to be preserved. Therefore, other noise enters the microphone, it is filtered out after passing through the frequency selective network, and the sounds that people need to collect are retained by the frequency selective network, and the original sound frequency is maintained by the reduction of the audio amplifying device.



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