What Is the Vibration Resistance of Wire?

- Jul 17, 2018-

The vibration resistance of the wire can have a great influence on the signal transmitted by the wire. The source of vibration is first when the alternating current passes through the conductor. The conductor itself generates vibration. Second, the external vibrations are transmitted to the conductor. Since the current traversing and communication paths between the two thin conductors are constantly changing, the phase difference of the signal passing through this wire is constantly changing. If the spectrum analyzer is used for observation, it can be clearly seen that the signal spectrum is broadened. It is a kind of phase distortion. This kind of distortion affects the speed and smoothness of the analysis rate of the signal. If the actual sense of the speaker line is reduced, the sound is faint and the sound field is slightly larger and shallower. To reduce these vibrations, it is necessary to perform the twisting, but too small a pitch will cause excessive stress damage and excessive inductance of the conductor. The insulator that selects anti-vibration and the compaction of the insulator during the extrusion process is the main method to solve the vibration of the conductor itself. Soft PVC is too soft, and it has a poor effect on reducing the vibration of the conductor. Harder PTFE is the best among the common materials. It is effective to reduce the transmission of external vibration and braid the hard vibration-damping net. At the same time, it is also effective to add vibration-damping hemp between the outer skin and the core, and also increase the tensile strength.



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