What Is The Transmission Line?

- Jun 20, 2018-

The transmission line is the connection line between various devices in the audio system, and its quality will directly affect the sound quality and sound reproduction quality of the sound system. The effect of transmission lines on sound signals is not limited to DC resistance. Due to distribution parameters, skin effect, multi-core line distortion and other factors, eddy current loss and electromagnetic induction will have a destructive effect on sound quality, resulting in different frequencies. When the signal passes through the wire, the impedance is not the same and the amount of phase shift is also different. The effect of the transmission line on the sound signal depends on the conductor material (such as copper, oxygen-free copper, gold, silver, aluminum, etc.), the geometry of the wire (such as wire diameter, number of strands, stranding method, insulation material outside the wire) and the wire Technology and other aspects. Under the premise of meeting the requirements of use, the transmission line should be as short as possible and be in good contact with the device, and pay attention to the screen and engage in interference problems to minimize the loss of audio signals (including the loss of amplitude, frequency, and phase). Commonly used transmission lines have audio shielding lines, digital lines and speaker lines.



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